1. 5

    No Longer a Newb

    You are no longer a Newb! You can post other places than JUST Newbies!!

  2. 10

    Welcome to the board!

    You have registered and are a new user on the Fierce Board! Welcome! I recommend going to the Newbies section for a while to get your feet wet and learn a bit about how the board works.

  3. 15

    You Shimmy Daily

    You can't help it... you wake up in the morning and you are just Shimmying!

  4. 20

    Shimmy Tastic!

    People dig what you are saying! Good job on getting all those Shimmys.

  5. 50

    On King Arthur's Round table....

    Your pet was named Sir Fierce-a-lot!

  6. 50

    You're so good that...

    you're point flyer... on a parent team.

  7. 50

    You have so many shimmys that...

    Somewhere... some one... is giving you a slow clap

  8. 50

    You're in class right now... Fierce Boarding aren't you?

    GET BACK TO STUDYING! Or you're at work... slacking off and Fiercing.

  9. 50

    You and ACEDAD are tight!

  10. 50

    I nugget in the back

  11. 50

    You make your own voiceovers

  12. 50

    You're Last Pass!

    On International Open 1.....

  13. 50

    You're a cheer stalker, aren't you?

  14. 250

    If all else fails...

    you shimmy.

  15. 250

    I'm an announcer on CBS for Worlds (or should be)

  16. 250

    I'm a bigger deal than Wetzel Pretzel

  17. 250

    I've probably started my own Cheer Music or Bow Business

  18. 250

    I have my own article on the Cheeropedia

  19. 250

    I started my own Message Board

    You're so popular you went off and started your own message board.

  20. 250

    Slow your roll, Sparkle.