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    2013 Cheerleading World Champion Medal

    Selling my 2013 USASF (The Cheerleading Worlds) Medal. It is the winning 1st place world championship medal. Hearing offers. Message me on IG @Kaytawinn or text 559-326-4167 Thanks.
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    Iso Cheer Pins & Selling A 2013 Worlds Ring And Cali Black Ops Uniform

    ISO VARSITY CHEER PINS 1. The "Fear the Bow" Pin 2. The "2013 National Champion" Pin 3. The "Cheerleader By Day, Ninja By Night "Pin 4. The "I Cheer For Bacon" Pin 5. The "I Don't Sweat, I Sparkle" Pin Will pay high prices for these! Need these for my collection! Selling!! - I am currently...
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    All Newbies - PLEASE READ!

    I just want to sell my old uniform lol but I have to post and wait 3 days