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  1. xpameggles

    Necessities For Cheer Bags

    Well, competitions have started, and I want to know what do you guys think are the necessities to bring to a cheer competition, what odd things (maybe for good luck) you keep in competition bags, and just whatever you keep in there that you always seem to use. :)
  2. xpameggles

    All-Star Do The Cea Butterflies Still Exist?

    the little boy is JT! :)
  3. xpameggles

    Is There A Difference Between A Needle And A Spike?

    correct me if I am wrong but I thought they were the same thing too... haha
  4. xpameggles

    All-Star Documentary On World Cup Twinkles!

    ahhh it feels so far away! I can't wait.
  5. xpameggles

    Should We Find Another Sport?

    i think if it bothers you that much, you should talk to a coach. if shes fine with being on a level 1 team, i wouldnt get mad over it. sometimes if the coaches dont think the athletes are mature enough or capable of stunting for the next level up, they will keep them on the same level for a...
  6. xpameggles

    Sprained Ankle...missed Practice...yay-__-

    even if i was injured i would still atleast go in and sit somewhere and be with your team. it would kill me to have to miss any practice. if you are extremely devoted, you shouldnt miss practices, atleast be there. :)
  7. xpameggles

    Mental Block..... : (

    close your eyes and picture yourself doing it perfectly. usually how i got mental blocks is by thinking too much before i throw it, so just give yourself a set of motions to do before you go so you cant think too much and just go. hope it helped :)
  8. xpameggles

    All-Star Documentary On World Cup Twinkles!

    anyone know any more details on the documentary? so excited to see this!
  9. xpameggles

    All-Star Design Your Own Uniform

    Oh my gosh I love this one so much. I have been looking through all of these picture so far and have been like 'eh', but when I came across yours it just stood out! :)
  10. xpameggles

    Tips For Tucking Tighter?

    Thanks! Well, surprisingly my layouts are actually pretty straight, and not really piked. But for some reason I just feel like I can't tuck. All of these comments are really going to help me, so thank you for your help!
  11. xpameggles

    Can A Team Have Half Tops And Full Tops?

    In my opinion I think it looks messy to have some full and some crop. It's one or the other to me :)
  12. xpameggles

    How Many Days Do You Practice A Week?

    Well, it's sort of like a combined tumbling practice for that overlapped time. The teams come together and cross tumble. But after we get our routines I don't know how it's going to work out! Haha :)
  13. xpameggles

    Starting To Cheer At Age 21

    Be confident! If you don't want to stick out (and you probably don't but I'm giving you advice anyways), it would be good to stretch your back and splits and just do some extra jumps outside! :) haha if you stretch everyday, you will get better! :)
  14. xpameggles

    A Little Cheer Obsessed?

    hahaha in public I sing to cheer music like Cheer Extreme se and F5, and people have given me weird looks. Because I even say the sound effects like "ding ding!" haha. And when I am on the bus for school I try to show my non cheer friends my routine and since i'm sitting down, they cant see my...
  15. xpameggles

    Do You Look Down On Small Gyms?

    I agree with OAcheerleader ! My gym is a smaller gym, but we are pretty good (imho) and the WHOLE gym is a family! The coaches listen to the athletes and all the cheerleaders bond!
  16. xpameggles

    Tips For Tucking Tighter?

    thank you thank you!
  17. xpameggles

    Tips For Tucking Tighter?

    usually when I bend them too far. But when I only bend them for a second or so, like in a tuck, it doesn't hurt. I think I am psyching myself out! :/ haha. but also especially if I land straight on my knees (mainly my left one though) when they're bent, that hurts like CRAZY!
  18. xpameggles

    Tips For Tucking Tighter?

    I have my roundoff tuck, ro hs tuck, and my layout (all he does is stand there), but they all three look the same because I don't tuck! And I have gotten better but it literally looks like I am trying to do a layout when I am doing a tuck. :( And I need help! I have osgood schlatters in my left...
  19. xpameggles

    Tips For A Bad Mental Block?

    sometimes, if you do it to old cheer music, and if you play the music loud enough, you won't be able to really hear yourself think, "I can't do it" and you just sort of, do it! haha. Well that worked for me. But I don't have a full, it was on a different tumbling skill. But I hope that helps! Or...
  20. xpameggles

    Trading(: I Have A Lot Of Stuff(:

    well, I really don't have any big gym clothes or anything, sorry :(