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  1. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    J&t Choreography New Services!!

    Hey everyone! Posting to let everyone know that, first of all, if you mention the fierceboard for any services in the months of November, December and January, you will receive 10% off of your camp! Also, this week we posted all about our new product, video consulting! Please take a moment to...
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    J&t Choreography

    We have updated our video for the 2013-2014 season make sure you visit us at J&T Choreography - Wexford, PA - Professional Services, Cheerleading | Facebook for updates, specials and apparel coming soon!
  3. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    J&t Choreography

    We are very excited to be growing rapidly after several successful seasons in which the teams we have worked with have earned several titles and countless innovative choreography awards. We offer a variety of services including: Allstar Routine Choreography Sectional Choreography Highschool...
  4. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Winter Weather And Cheer Comps...

    I will never forget that weekend. I was coaching for a gym in Ohio and three of our teams had come in the night before (I helped run the satellite location and we all had suggested to travel the night before and it was a close knit group of kids) out of the 17 teams scheduled to compete we...
  5. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Cea Expanding....

    I didn't see the episode of dance moms but I can assure you that's not how we train our athletes in Pittsburgh. There are several dance studios that train their own tumbling (tumbling for dance is completely different) and they have specific ways they would like skills to "look" and it's not...
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    All-Star Spirit Cheer Ac Jan 19/20th Who's Going -worlds Bids!

    Does anyone have scoring for day 1? I'm interested in junior 3 large both divisions and senior 3 if anyone has scoring placements. Large junior 4 would be great as well :)
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    All-Star 2012-2013 Music!

    Sorry for the double post, I have horrible cell phone service where I am!
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    All-Star 2012-2013 Music!

    What's the name of their dance song? I have been trying to find that song for a while and its driving me nuts!!
  9. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star 2012-2013 Music!

    Hey does anyone know what the dance song is? I've been trying to figure out what song that is for a while and its driving me nuts!!
  10. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Hmm...happy Hooper Is At Cja In Nj?

    I love this thread. Its kind of like...uhh this is pointless so look at my pets. May have to share a picture of my vast array of cheer pets. Our dog (@cheerdoghermie) is on instagram and has a new picture almost everyday. I'll have to find a few good ones and share :)
  11. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Senior Elite Music 2012-2013

    Get the app called "download manager HD" it's only a couple bucks and it let's you create folders and download these files and create 'playlists' can't put it in iTunes but it works :)
  12. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star 2012 - 2013 Videos

    I think they were international coed 5 if I read the p/o correctly
  13. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Americheer Buckeye Open Nationals

    Steel city will be there in full support :) I'm sure the entire cheer community will be there as well. So much respect for your program!
  14. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star 2012-2013 Practice Wear

    Eeeek after seeing so many cute designs I can't wait for our senior 5s practice wear to come in. I'm not allowed to post pics until we actually have the gear in our hands and on the athletes but just wait until we can post! Such a cute design through rebel athletic, can't wait for the final...
  15. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Weird/random Injuries

    I've broken my ankle on a waterside because the "cross your ankles and arms on your chest" rule was just too lame for me at then time. Broke it a second time walking to get a basketball. Sprained it a third time tripping off of a friends porch on my way to go show off a standing full in broad...
  16. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Cheer Gyms In Cleveland?

    Spirit athletics is an up and coming gym based out of Solon. It's only a little drive from mentor and the staff is very qualified, the gym has great equipment and its a great atmosphere. To tumble in. Message me for more info I'm actually very close with the owner
  17. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Cheer Power 2012 World Bid

    Listen, saying someone doesn't look "clean" or even to go as far as saying someone else deserved it I can handle that, however to put someone down and say they look like 'crap' is downright rude. I suggest you think a little more about your choice of words before you post them on here. As...
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    All-Star Glcc Has Lots Of Bids But Few Teams Going After Them In Detroit This Year.

    Never mind. Got it. Small sr coed restricted correct?
  19. TheyCallMeDoctorT

    All-Star Glcc Showdown Detroit March 17-18

    The glcc fb fan page says "the performance order for great lakes showdown will be up this evening" I hate when EPs say they will have something at a certain time but never do!