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    Cheer Mom Bracelet On Sale Now-get Before Summit!

    Get your custom made leather Cheer mom to support your cheerleader at Summit. Custom made leather bracelet! Click here
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    Cheapest Cheer Bows Available-going Out Of Business

    Unicorn bows, cheer mom bracelets, all must go! Cheap prices
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    October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Get your bow and support Breast Cancer Awareness! 25% of all proceeds will go towards breast cancer research
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    Cheapest Cheer Bows Available-going Out Of Business

    Selling cheer bows at cost and even less than cost! Cheapest cheer bows available. Lots of unicorns and colorful bows.
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    Cheer Mom Bracelet-on Sale Now!

    Custom leather cheer mom bracelet. I get the most compliments on this bracelet. Subtle enough to wear anywhere and looks great at cheer competitions. Vintage look and goes great with blue jeans! Only $8 ON SALE NOW
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    Cheer Sisters

    Custom cheer bows all under $5
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    Cheer Sisters

    Get the cheapest cheer swag here: CheerSistersUS on Etsy Great for goody bags, special cheer events. Largest selection of Unicorn bows!
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    Cheer Sisters T-shirts

    IMG_2031.jpg - Google Docs I made these shirts for my girls and their whole team wanted one! I have some extra-5 each YS and 5 each YM both in neon yellow. I'm asking $7.99 per shirt and $5 for shipping. I do not have an online store but can send a PayPal money request if you send me an email...
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    Cheer Sister Struggles

    Thank you for the comments. You have given me hope that maybe cheer will actually help bring them closer together.
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    No Questions? Start Here. First, Second, Third Post. . .

    This is my second post?
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    Cheer Sister Struggles

    I have two girls that will both cheer at the Youth level next season. One is a Sept baby and teh other is an Aug baby, so they are essentially 3 years apart. I am worried that they will argue and teh older one will boss her younger sister. Does anyone have any advice on teh best way to handle...