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    ICU Results

    Nah I totally understand your point.
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    ICU Results

    Yea it was like that but now they picked a university to represent team US all girl for some reason
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    ICU Results

    Ah do you know which stunts?
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    ICU Results

    My general thoughts: 1. Russia came out of nowhere already competing in the highest divisions 2. I think republic of china did better than Russia 3. Thailand, Japan, Costa Rica, Mexico did so amazing 4. Taiwan man I'm disappointed they got 4th they did good though they had one stunt fall 5. In...
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    ICU Results

    ICU 2021 Results
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    So Do Icu Teams Not Do Jumps In Their Routine?

    Weird I just noticed this, why not?
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    No Questions? Start Here. First, Second, Third Post. . .

    So their underwear doesn’t show…
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    OT Cheerleading In The Olympics

    Wouldn’t make sense for it to be like stunt or A&T. Those are different sports.
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    3rd Post

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    3rd Post

    Uhh 2nd post
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    Cheer Shoes For Wide Feet

    Titans high top