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  1. HighPonyFTW

    College Colleges That Do Not Have An All-girl Squad

    Kansas will have an all girl squad in 2020-2021
  2. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star 2019-2020 Uniform Reveals

    Exactly. NAVY pilots - or like when Maverick was trying to impress Charlie "Naval Aviators"
  3. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star 2019-2020 Uniform Reveals

    A pilot friend pointed out that they've got an army plane behind them in the video, but Top Gun (the military school) is Navy/Marine Corp.
  4. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Whatcha Like For Your Cheer Uniform?

    The mesh is uncomfortable and causes there to be more seams that are also uncomfortable. Cheer uniforms are generally uncomfortable which seems kind of crazy.
  5. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Whatcha Like For Your Cheer Uniform?

    If my CP had her way mesh would be banned
  6. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star 2019-2020 Uniform Reveals

    A girl from our gym had her first "visit" in the warmup room at NCA a few years back. Thank goodness those uniforms were black.
  7. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Ticket Cost For The Majors?

    I bought ours for about $100 each last year
  8. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Hairstyles For Competitions

    The girl was asked to leave the gym because her mom shouted obscenities at the coaches with other athletes in earshot.
  9. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Hairstyles For Competitions

    CP's youth team last year had a curly side pony with a tail-less bow. 10 minutes start to finish, no tease or weave necessary.
  10. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star As Jewelry / Nails Rules

    That 4 days between Summit and Workout groups. Plenty of time for a new piercing to heal.
  11. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star New Gyms, Gym Closings, And Acquisitions For 19-20 Season

    They were in the north suburbs of Houston. Had been competing D2 for the past 2 seasons.
  12. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star New Uniforms 2018-2019

    We were at this competition and the skirts are even shorter in person. I'm pretty sure I saw one of the flyer's panties on day one.
  13. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star You Know You Are Cheer Comp Tired

    When getting into the car to drive the 10 minutes to work makes you want to cry because you just drove home at 11:00 pm the night before.
  14. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Blue Floor Or Black Floor?

    My CP thinks the black floor material is slipperier and really doesn't like them.
  15. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Performance Order

    Correct. Hit zero to sleep in, kids.
  16. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Encore - Houston

    And the performance order is posted over a week before the competition. I may complain much less about the $45 admission for 2 days now. Box
  17. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Selling Old Gym Shirts/apparel

    There is a facebook group titled "Cheer Exchange." You can try there.
  18. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star 2017 Cheer Alliance/wsf

    It’s on our worlds teams’ schedule. I assume it’s still happening. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Competition Hair Tips

    Yes, too much hairspray weighs it down after a while. The thing we bought at Claire's was for a "fan bun." I couldn't think of the name earlier.
  20. HighPonyFTW

    All-Star Competition Hair Tips

    We bought one in Indy for Jamfest last season. It looked OK, except that you could see it from the side when she was basing and looking up. Teasing powder on the rats nest and minimal hair spray is the best we could do to keep the pony up high. Good luck!