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  1. B

    All-Star All star world championships 2024.

    I have seen conflicting dates for 2024, can anyone confirm dates for Florida 2024. April Thanks in advance ☺️
  2. T

    All-Star All star cheer and/or school competitive squad.

    Hi all. This may be a topic that has been broached multiple times,however, I am unable to find any current threads. Our current athlete started out on her school competive middle school squad after a brief time tumbling. She has proven to absolutely love the sport and to be pretty good at it...
  3. W

    College College team or All star Club

    My daughter is keen to study in the US and we are starting the very long process of narrowing down her initial choices. Do most athletes who want to cheer do this with the college/Uni team or do some join an all star club close to the Uni? Uni cheer, whilst growing here in the UK tends to be at...
  4. jascheers

    All-Star Legs In Backwalkover

    I have my Back Walkover, highly consistent with straight legs, but in the ideal walkover, legs should be in a perfect split. I have my oversplits, but in the walkover, my legs are at around a 60° angle. Any tips on getting my legs in that split? I attached images of what I am talking about, and...
  5. C

    All-Star Help needed! Contracts

    Hello all, I recently pulled my daughter out of a gym we’ve been going to since may. I signed the contract unknowing of the “quitting fee.” Basically, if we “quit” we would have to pay a $500 quitters fee as well as the remaining tuition for the next 5-6 months. Competition season hasn’t even...
  6. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star How common are male dancers on all-star dance teams?

    I know that numerous all-star cheerleading squads have male cheerleaders but what about all-star dance teams with male dancers? I know that the majority of high school and college dance teams are all-girl, however.
  7. C

    Athlete's Wanting To Sit Out At Practice...

    We are a micro gym, so when even one athlete is absent, it affects the whole team. Last year we had a least one girl asking to sit out at practice for one reason or another. It was usually a headache or undiagnosed injury. Of course not wanting to further an injury, they were allowed to sit out...
  8. Amlynn25

    All-Star Nt Teams In Pittsburgh/western Pa?

    Hi there! I'm looking to get back into cheer and recently stumbled upon the fact that there is a non-tumbling division now. Does anyone know of any NT teams in Western PA that still need positions filled? I'm a base, for the record. I know I'm late to the game as tryouts have taken place already...
  9. I

    All-Star Opening A Gym

    Hey everyone if a fellow member would be kind enough to help me out. Can someone go through the process of how you go about starting and opening an allstar gym in my area (California)? The USASF page is vague. I need it in Step 1, step 2 sort of order.
  10. C

    Low Priced Cheer Music

    Does your team need a cheer mix? CheerNP Mixes is a USA Cheer preferred provider and offers high-quality mix is at an affordable price! We offer five different mix styles (with cover songs and/or original music) & plenty of customization options! We also offer bundle packages if you need more...
  11. L

    Transitoning From Performance Rec To All Star

    My gym is going to become an allstar gym next season. I am really excited. What should I expect? Our coaches told us that there will be more competition. Are the skills different? Well, thanks.
  12. Miranda Zagorski

    Starting Our Own All-star Cheer Gym - Advice??

    A fellow coach and I are currently part of an all star team. However, it is not a cheerleading gym - it is a team offered by a dance studio - we only practice once a week with our teams throughout the year to compete. The program has not grown in the four years we have had it (we are not the...
  13. Sterling von Shimmer

    All-Star How Do All-star Bids Work?

    Explain it to me like I don’t know anything, because I don’t. I searched the forum for answers but all entries I could find were written as if they assumed the reader had prior knowledge of the process. I do not. Thanks!
  14. S

    High School College Recruit Clinic

    Hello Fierceboard! Wanted to spread the word on the upcoming Colorado College Recruit Clinic being held in the Denver area this October. Who: High school aged cheerleaders (school & all star; all girl & coed) are invited to meet and interact with College Programs What: College cheer...
  15. H

    School Cheer

    I'm an all-star cheerleader, but recently made the school team. Does anybody have tips to help make the transition smooth?
  16. Drkilluzionz

    College Fiu (miami, Fl) Sm Coed At Nca Nationals!

    FIU has tryouts May 8-10. In preparation we've made this video recap of our College Nationals experience. Please share with your juniors and seniors and let them know we offer priority registration, book/lab scholarships per semester and use of the athletic training staff and facilities.
  17. C

    All-Star Reddit Style Ama Request - Justin Carrier

    I would love to see a Reddit style "Ask Me Anything" on the Fierce Board with Justin Carrier. Does anyone have the cache to make that happen or should we just tweet him and ask? I think it would be a great way to see where allstar is heading and also discuss some of the issues people are...
  18. LittleMissA17

    All-Star Design/ Redesign A Uniform Thread

    By popular request, this thread is dedicated to redesigning uniforms for teams and or making your own uniforms for fun. After the many monstrosities being seen this cheer season let's see some nice remade uniforms!
  19. Cheer Champs Competitions

    All-Star 2016/2017 Royal Competition Dates!

    Cheer Champs Elite, Royalty Theme Cheer Competitions! Where the ELITE Compete to be CROWNED Champions!! Who will be Crowned our Champions? 11/2/16: Crown Jewel Championship - Christian Brothers Academy , Lincroft, NJ 12/18/16: *Castle Battle - Sparta HS, Sparta, NJ 1/29/17: **Reigning Rumble -...
  20. C

    All-Star It's Official, Summit Bids At Jam Fest Events

    I know last year Varsity said no Summit Bids at Jam Brands as they would continue with a US Finals Track, but the below tweet sure sounds like they have changed their minds. Text is as follows: Varsity All Star ‏@VarsityAllStar 17m17 minutes ago More Opportunities to reach the peak in 2017...