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  1. A

    All-Star UK Cheerleading Research

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for Cheerleaders based in the United Kingdom to take part in a research project. I've developed a big interest in understanding how mental health is represented within cheer and what impact it has on our body image, however, this is really under-researched in general...
  2. K

    All-Star Is Non-Tumbling ruining cheerleading

    It seems like some gyms, even strong “powerhouse” ones, are beginning to field as many Non-Tumbling Level 6 teams as “regular” Level 6 teams. I’m wondering how many athletes on these NT teams legitimately cannot tumble/ refuse to participate in that aspect of competitive cheer. Or are athletes...
  3. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Why doesn't all-star cheerleading have a game-day division?

    Even though all-star cheerleading squads exist solely to compete, I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a game-day division so that teams can incorporate game-day elements into their game-day routine. Thoughts?
  4. Charley

    All-Star Struggling to find a place in cheer as open-aged athlete without higher level skills

    Hi! :) Honestly not sure what I want to get out of this, but I just wanted to see if anyone has had any sort of promising experience cheering at lower levels later in life? and if not I wanted to atleast get some feelings out that have been bothering me a lot recently as I approach turning 21...
  5. trippietequila

    High School I need cheerleading sound effects...

    Basically what the title says, I can't find any good cheerleading sounds nowadays for free, mainly looking for all kind of stuff, build-ups, jumps, etc... Can someone help me with some sound packs?, thanks. email: [email protected]
  6. S

    OT What do you think of the recent insensitive events involving cheerleaders?

    It seems like stories like this have become more commonplace recently.
  7. roseeveleth

    College Cheerleading as an NCAA sport?

    Hi everybody! I’m a reporter working on an episode of a sports podcast that’s about the quest to make some form of cheerleading an official NCAA varsity sport through their emerging sport process. This forum has already been really helpful in showing me all the different ways people think about...
  8. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Has USF replaced Kentucky as the GOAT of college cheerleading?

    Kentucky has been the dominant college cheerleading team in Division I-A Large Coed but now it seems that South Florida has replaced UK with three titles. Thoughts?
  9. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Happy Birthday, Cheerleading!

    Cheerleading will be celebrating its 124th birthday on Wednesday. Thoughts?
  10. Kentucky Girl

    Cheerleading Could Become An Olympic Sport In The Future Cheerleading has been granted full Olympic status and may make its debut at the Games as soon as Paris 2024. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said yesterday that it had awarded full...
  11. Kentucky Girl

    High School Return To Cheer Guidelines

    This: USA Cheer Return to Cheer and STUNT Guidelines - USA Cheer
  12. Amlynn25

    All-Star Nt Teams In Pittsburgh/western Pa?

    Hi there! I'm looking to get back into cheer and recently stumbled upon the fact that there is a non-tumbling division now. Does anyone know of any NT teams in Western PA that still need positions filled? I'm a base, for the record. I know I'm late to the game as tryouts have taken place already...
  13. cheerleader_madileigh

    College College Cheerleading Apparel

    Does anyone know if there is a website or a place that sells college cheer apparel? Just like how they sell football, basketball, etc. apparel? (I'm not looking for any specific college, just curious).
  14. Kentucky Girl

    College Bowl Games

    Anybody getting very excited about their school's bowl game this year? I know that Kentucky will be facing Penn State at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando on New Year's Day but I won't be able to attend but I'l be watching the game on TV nonetheless.
  15. Kentucky Girl

    High School Bodyliners

    Why do female cheerleaders wear long-sleeved bodyliners under their shell tops while competing?
  16. Kentucky Girl

    High School Favorite Gymnast?

    Who was your favorite gymnast growing up?
  17. C

    Low Priced Cheer Music

    Does your team need a cheer mix? CheerNP Mixes is a USA Cheer preferred provider and offers high-quality mix is at an affordable price! We offer five different mix styles (with cover songs and/or original music) & plenty of customization options! We also offer bundle packages if you need more...
  18. S

    High School College Recruit Clinic

    Hello Fierceboard! Wanted to spread the word on the upcoming Colorado College Recruit Clinic being held in the Denver area this October. Who: High school aged cheerleaders (school & all star; all girl & coed) are invited to meet and interact with College Programs What: College cheer...
  19. C

    All-Star Just What Doctor Ordered: More Chicago Cheer Drama

    ACE Cheerleading in Lake Bluff has been bought by Cheer Destiny out of the city of Chicago and ACE which is the 2013 and 2015 Level 3 SSC Summit Champs will no longer exist the gym will start operating under the Cheer Destiny name and according to the correspondence I have seen all money that...
  20. O

    All-Star Apparently Another Worlds Gym Goes Out Of Business...

    I just heard that UA is closed for good, there never was a new owner and the remaining coaches and athletes were told this week. Sounds like a lot of coaches are headed to Ice. Another rumor I heard is Ice bought them, but not sure if this is true. The gymnastics company that was renting...