college cheer

  1. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Comparisons

    Do you think that high school cheerleading is similar to All-Star Level 5 while college cheerleading is similar to All-Star Level 6 (except that travelling basket tosses are not allowed in college)?
  2. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019 Uca College Nationals

    Can't wait to see Kentucky go for Championship Number #24 in January. Any others very excited?
  3. Kentucky Girl

    College Ku Cheerleaders Hazing Incident

    I don't know if this was already been posted or not but I would like to share this piece of info: Kansas cheerleaders punished for alleged naked hazing incident Warning: reader discretion advised.
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College Anybody Trying Out For College?

    And if so, which college are you trying out for?
  5. Lyssa_km39

    College Different College Cheer Divisions?

    I’m not very familiar with college cheer (I’m an All Star athlete ) and I was curious on the different difficulty levels colleges have in cheer. As well as the difference between competition styles I’ve been seeing, for example : •UK routines contain more stunts compared to tumbling along with a...
  6. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Nca College Nationals

    The 2018 NCA College Nationals are coming up soon. Anybody excited?
  7. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Usa Collegiate Nationals

    Boise State and Arizona State among the schools competing at Anaheim this weekend: 2018 USA Collegiate Championships - Varsity TV Event - Varsity
  8. Kentucky Girl

    College Louisville Basketball Forced To Vacate National Title

    One of the top college cheerleading schools was forced to vacate its 2013 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship: NCAA denies Louisville's appeal, rules Cardinals must vacate 2013 national title
  9. Kentucky Girl

    College 2018 Uca College Nationals

    Anybody excited for the 2018 UCA College Nationals in January? I wonder what Kentucky has in store for us, hmm... ;)
  10. S

    High School College Recruit Clinic

    Hello Fierceboard! Wanted to spread the word on the upcoming Colorado College Recruit Clinic being held in the Denver area this October. Who: High school aged cheerleaders (school & all star; all girl & coed) are invited to meet and interact with College Programs What: College cheer...
  11. Kentucky Girl

    College Uca & Nca To Feature Game Day Divisions For 2018

    This: Game Day is steadily growing each and every year! In previous years on day one at NCA & NDA College Nationals, the Game Day portion of each routine took place right before the traditional two minute and fifteen second music portion in Prelims. Each team was given 45 seconds to complete...
  12. Kentucky Girl

    College States

    I notice that colleges in Kentucky (except for Louisville), Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Minnesota and Indiana tend to compete for UCA whereas colleges in Texas, Oklahoma (except for the Oklahoma Sooners), North Carolina and South Carolina tend to compete for NCA and colleges in California...
  13. wescardinals

    Spotting Advice

    I started cheering my freshman year of college and my team doesn't have any tumbling (or a coach eek). I just made captain (as a junior) and my co-captain and I want to add tumbling so we can eventually become a competitive team. We're planning on taking classes as a team, but I'd like to be...
  14. Kentucky Girl

    College 2017 University Of Kentucky Cheerleading Tryouts

    Tryouts for the 2017-18 University of Kentucky cheerleading squads are taking place this weekend! Thoughts?
  15. glitterbows_pointedtoes

    All-Star Cheer+ University- Is It Possible? (uk)

    YO, THIS IS GONNA BE LONG AND RANTY . SKIP TO THE BITS IN BOLD IF YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT BACKGROUND INFO. So basically, I'm 15 now and I'm starting to wonder what's gonna happen to my passion for cheer as I get older (yes I'm worrying about that NOW). Anyway, I intend to keep cheering for at...
  16. T

    College Cheerleading

    hey guys! I just wanted to hear your opinions and advice. I currently attend West Virginia University and they have two co-ed teams. I've cheered for about 6-7 years and I took a couple years off to focus on my academics. I am interested in trying out for the team, but what is the likelihood...
  17. DePaulCheer

    Depaul Cheer Tryouts

    DePaul University Co-Ed Cheer Team will be hosting Spring Tryouts for the 2017-2018 Season on Sunday May 21, 2017 at 12:00 PM TRYOUT LOCATION McGrath Arena 2323 North Sheffield Avenue Chicago, IL 60614 ELIGIBILITY • Incoming freshman, transfer students, graduate students and current DePaul...
  18. Batarangkisses

    College Need Advice On Partner Stunting!

    Hey all, this is my first year as a flyer and I'm needing some advice. I live in Canada so partner stunting isn't anywhere near what it is in the states (for the most part obviously) and though me and my stunting partner have toss to hands/extension easily I was wondering if anyone has tips for...
  19. RileyElizabeth99

    College College Cheer Tryouts: What Do You Wear?

    I am approximately a month and a half from trying out for the cheer team for the school I will be attending next fall. They are a non competitive coed school and I have all the skills needed so the only thing that I need to figure out prior to tryouts is what exactly I need to wear. My school's...