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  1. Kentucky Girl

    College 2022 Uca College Nationals

    Will see be seeing more teams competing in 2022 compared to this year?
  2. Kentucky Girl

    College 2021 Nca College Nationals

    The order of competition has been released. I don't think the University of Louisville is listed but I could be wrong.
  3. Kentucky Girl

    College Any Updates Regarding The University Of Kentucky Coaching Search?

    I heard rumors regarding the possibility of Blake Johnson becoming Kentucky's new cheerleading coach. Any truth to the rumor?
  4. Kentucky Girl

    College 2020 Uca College Nationals

    Is anybody excited about the upcoming UCA College Nationals? I know I am! :)
  5. Kentucky Girl

    College New College Rules For 2019-20 Changes include signs as well as new basketball rules.
  6. Kentucky Girl

    College Uca Camp Or Nca Camp

    Which college camp tends to have more schools, UCA College Camp or NCA College Camp?
  7. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019-20 University Of Kentucky Cheerleading Tryouts

    Well the 24-time UCA Division I-A cheerleading champions the University of Kentucky held their annual tryouts this weekend. Is there anybody that you know of is trying out for UK? BTW, several UK cheerleading (including the Wildcat mascot) are graduating this year.
  8. Kentucky Girl

    College 2019 Usa Collegiate Nationals

    Performance order has been released:
  9. Kentucky Girl

    College Anybody Trying Out For College?

    And if so, which college are you trying out for?
  10. T

    College Cheerleading

    hey guys! I just wanted to hear your opinions and advice. I currently attend West Virginia University and they have two co-ed teams. I've cheered for about 6-7 years and I took a couple years off to focus on my academics. I am interested in trying out for the team, but what is the likelihood...
  11. Batarangkisses

    College Collegiate Vs. All-star (crossover??)

    I was just wondering if anyone is being a cross over from a college/university team and an all-star team and how it's working for you? All but 6 athletes from my all star team are on my collegiate 6 team and I just feel like everyone (myself included) train differently at the practices. Has...
  12. Kentucky Girl

    College Making The Transition To College Cheerleading

    For the most part, high school and all-star cheerleaders from coed squads generally have a much easier transition to cheering on a coed collegiate squad while high school and all-star cheerleaders from all-girl squads tend to cheer on an all-girl squad in college (though there are several who...
  13. Batarangkisses

    College 2017 World University Cheerleading Championship?

    Hi everyone! I was just wondering if anyone had a schedule for this weekends event or if anyone knows if it will have a live feed? Thanks!