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  1. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2021 Uca High School Nationals

    The UCA High School Nationals is underway with the virtual competition: https://tv.varsity.com/events/6744444-2021-uca-national-high-school-cheerleading-championship
  2. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2021 Nca High School Nationals

    Is anybody excited?
  3. Kentucky Girl

    High School Return To Cheer Guidelines

    This: USA Cheer Return to Cheer and STUNT Guidelines - USA Cheer
  4. Kentucky Girl

    High School Is It Easier To Make The Transition To A High School Coed Squad To A College Coed Squad?

    I noticed that many cheerleaders from Kentucky and UCF came from coed high school squads such as Graves County and Bartow.
  5. Kentucky Girl

    High School Alternates

    What it is like to be an alternate for the Nationals?
  6. Kentucky Girl

    High School Why Aren't There Many Male High School Cheerleaders?

    I know that teams such as Graves County, Bartow, Dyer County, Lewisville, Sun Prairie and Owensboro have male cheerleaders on their teams but the likes of Dunbar, Bob Jones and Houston do not. Thoughts?
  7. Kentucky Girl

    High School A Suggestion

    Why not merge the high school and the college threads into one thread titled school teams due to the fact that almost no one post in the college section anymore? Thoughts?
  8. TheLastPass

    High School Nhscc 2019 - Highs & Lows

    Hi ya'll! I know we've got a thread going about NHSCC 2019 but it's been a bit dead and, now that the event is over, I wanted to start a fresh thread to recap! I'll be writing some post-event content that will cover performances, results, and commentary on what worked and what didn't. If you're...
  9. Kentucky Girl

    All-Star Comparisons

    Do you think that high school cheerleading is similar to All-Star Level 5 while college cheerleading is similar to All-Star Level 6 (except that travelling basket tosses are not allowed in college)?
  10. Kentucky Girl

    High School 2018 Uca Bluegrass Regionals

    A lot of top notch high school and all-star squads will be in Lexington this weekend. I'll be posting the performance order sometime this week. Any squads that you are very excited about?
  11. Kentucky Girl

    High School Why Are Coed Squads Rare In High School?

    There are many great coed high school squads that do collegiate-like routines such as Graves County, Bartow, Lewisville, Dyer County and many others but for the most part, coed high school squads are a rarity compared to college. Thoughts?
  12. S

    High School Uca Nationals 2018 (updates, Etc)

    Figured I would make a fresh thread specific for this weekend's competition. Block Schedule Performance Order (this link should update as the weekend goes, we shall see) Live Stream Info I'll be there with my team! Holler if ya see us: Douglas County Cheer :cool:
  13. Kolleen

    High School Competition Routine Order

    Do you all have a preference for your "order" within your routine? For example, we are used to doing: Opening Jumps Partner Stunts (Sequence) Cheer Transition Element (baskets, etc.) Pyramid Dance I do not want to end with a dance, but I am unsure if we should switch up the rest of the...
  14. mncheerqueen

    High School "sandbagging" In High School Cheer?

    I know people often talk about in the all star world of sandbagging by teams by crossing over higher level athletes to lower, etc but I was curious about this discussion in the high school world. For example I know of a school who has majority squad tucks but competes as a "non tumble" because...
  15. Kentucky Girl

    College Making The Transition To College Cheerleading

    For the most part, high school and all-star cheerleaders from coed squads generally have a much easier transition to cheering on a coed collegiate squad while high school and all-star cheerleaders from all-girl squads tend to cheer on an all-girl squad in college (though there are several who...
  16. Kentucky Girl

    High School Uca Bluegrass Regionals

    Did anybody attend the UCA Bluegrass Regionals in Lexington, Kentucky? Unfortunately, I wasn't there.
  17. Kolleen

    High School Finances/coach Management

    I am taking over as head coach with my current program where I am assistant. We do not have a booster club, and so the coaches have organized finances in the past. The current system the head coach had a business account with Wells Fargo, where all the cheer money went and I was a signed/had...
  18. Cheer Champs Competitions

    High School 2016/2017 Royal Competition Dates!

    Cheer Champs Elite, Royalty Theme Cheer Competitions! Where the ELITE Compete to be CROWNED Champions!! Who will be Crowned our Champions? 11/2/16: Crown Jewel Championship - Christian Brothers Academy , Lincroft, NJ 12/18/16: *Castle Battle - Sparta HS, Sparta, NJ 1/29/17: **Reigning Rumble -...
  19. ABU Cheerleading

    College Cheer Roster Spot Available

    Alderson Broaddus University has a few spots left on our roster for the 2016-2017 school year! Collegiate Competitive Coed Located in Philippi, WV Requirements- Standing BHS/ tuck RO BHS Basing or flying experience Must meet University admissions requirements Scholarships available Females...
  20. S

    Competition Cheer Words And Motions

    I need help with about a one minute cheer with motions for a high school cheer leading team. We cheer for our basketball team and this is for a halftime! Thanks so much! School Name: Culver Team name Eagles Initials: CGA Colors: Maroon and white