high school cheerleading

  1. airbear

    High School Cheer Shoes Recommendation?!

    Hi. So I was just wondering what kinds of cheer shoes I should get. I'm considering the Nfinity Defiances or Vengeances or the Nike Unites. I'm going to be doing high school cheer, and I know from going to clinics that they train on dead mat. I'm an ex gymnast so I'm used to tumbling on spring...
  2. Fierceee99

    High School Need Ideas For A 4 Stunt Group Pyramid

    Hello! So this is my first year as a highschool cheerleader, I a junior who is used to all star cheerleading, and our coaches asked us to find ideas for our competition routine pyramid. We are limited to 15 girls. If you have any input or ideas please let me know.