1. Cheerleader2005

    High School Foreign Exchange Student in North Virginia!

    So I’m going on an Exchange year, and I’ve got my placement! I’m going to Virginia. I don’t know the name of the School yet, but I’d like all the info about Highschool cheer! I know that my school competes in Varsity and Jv. Is there any specific requirements? And are the schools in VA very...
  2. L

    Newbie As Of Tonight:)

    My DD is a USAG competitive gymnast but used to be a cheerleader as well. She quit cheer to solely focus on gymnastics for years and greatly misses it. She is entering freshman year of high school in fall 2021 and thinks she wants to tryout for cheer and solely focus on that in high school. I...
  3. C

    High School Hs Nationals

    I’m curious, do most schools allow the students attending to ‘extend their vacation’ to Disney because they want to spend extra days at the parks with family and friends? We have about half of our team apparently not flying back home with the rest of the team.