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  1. C

    College New Main Base Here..How To Fix Grip & Libs

    Hello! I’m a new main base and new to cheering but joined the team recently. I can get preps and extensions up but when we do libs it goes up and crumbles down ( I go up but don’t lock out my arms before it crumbles down ). Also, I noticed when we do extensions my hands are not gripping the...
  2. S

    College Veteran trying to get into college cheer

    Hello, I am a guy that is lining up going to a major university in the fall of 2023 and wanted to try out for a cheer team. I have no experience in cheer or gymnastics and my main trait is strength but my friend who did gymnastics and cheer in college said that would be a good base to start...
  3. G

    All-Star 7 y/o w/ no tumbling exp. wants to join a cheer team

    I need some honest opinions/advice. My seven year old daughter recently became very interested in cheer and thinks she might enjoy being on a team. My main concern is she has no tumbling skills. She can’t even do a handstand or a cartwheel at this point. She’s taken dance classes since she was 3...
  4. L

    Mutiple Cheer Uniforms For Sale ***brand New***

    I have brand new uniforms for sale. I have black, metallic silver and white. Multiple sizes. I also have purple and white multiple sizes and purple, gold and white. This will include a shell and skirt. With the purple uniforms you can choose from 2 different skirts. I need to rid myself of these...
  5. Lisa Seye

    All-Star Mean Moms, You Can't Sit With Us

    MEAN MOMS, you can't sit with us. Sometimes cheer moms can be more clique-ish than the athletes. Not all, but a handful. It's definitely understandable that it is awkward for new people to get to know each other and it may take a while for new parents to a gym and gym veterans to mesh and feel...
  6. FlexiDani

    20 Is Too Old To Start Cheer Right? Especially At Ca

    I’m an ex-dancer with little to no cheer skills so I’m VERY new to the cheer world but have been a fan since 10 y/o but my parents never allowed me but now I’m an adult now soo Tumble Skills: I only learned how to do a backwalkover(but I lost it since it’s been so long) -spotted on bhs...
  7. C

    Is 15 Too Late To Cheer ??

    i’ve done pop warner cheer throughout middle school and haven’t cheered for about a year. I was thinking of doing all star cheer this year, my parents understand it’s a huge time/financial commitment and are very supportive but would I be able to start with only a round off, cartwheel, front...
  8. C

    Club Names

    Hi everyone, I am looking to open my own club but need suggestions for a sassy club name that hasn't been used before. Thank you
  9. VElite

    Tips For A New Gym Owners

    Hi, I want to open my own gym and i'm looking for any advice please!