2 Person Based Libs Legal In Hs?

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Sep 17, 2011
We have a couple girls on our squad who can base a full liberty without a backspot, or more of one girl acting as a backspot/secondary and one girl maining. Is this legal under NFHS rules? We would love to use it in our competition routine, but absolutely don't want to get docked for it. Also would it be legal if only one girl did it, more like a toss to hands up to lib kind of thing? We don't have guys on our team but are pretty strong and do almost coed like stunts. Thanks for your help in advance!!
You just need to have someone spotting. UCA teaches 2 man stunts at camps. They teach one on the foot, one on the ankles.
By spotting you mean?
That means that 2 people can't be holding the foot without another person there.

If you have one person hold the foot and the other person hold ankles you are ok. Or you can do one on foot, and one on wrists.
I am reading that the "spotter" also cannot have their hand under the sole of the tops shoe. But they can hold the wrist of the base. Is this how 2 mans are taught at uca? We teach hand on ankle and at center of shoe
that is how they are taught at UCA. the "spotter" doesnt have any hands under the foot.
The rule also reads spotter torso cannot be under the stunt. In the previous video this is done correctly but in watching high schools from around the country most do an "allstar" grip and just grab the wrist instead of shoe but their torso is still under the stunt. Is it being called? Is it just a matter of inches?
It can all depend on the Legalities Judge.

For NFHS, a spotter can NOT touch the sole of the shoe. So one hand on the ankle, one on the wrist is legal, but the common all star grip of one on the toe, one on the ankle/wrist is illegal.

And like some people have posted the torso cannot be under the stunt.

For NFHS, you sometimes can get a legalities judge who feels like every team has a legality. I have seen high schools called for 'improper spotting technique' and written below that in parenthasis was (back spot on tippy toes). No where in the NFHS book does it say that a spotter cannot be on their 'tippy toes,' but this judge felt it was unsafe and the team lost due to this infraction.

So it will be the legality judge's opinion as to whether the torso was under the stunt or not.

The video above shows the best stunt grip for a single based stunt with the back spot being behind the stunt, torso behind the stunt and clearly, not touching the sole of the shoe.