24 & Lost All My Skills - Is It Too Late To Learn?

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Oct 22, 2020
Hi everyone, I'm 24 and I'm thinking of starting Allstar cheer again.
I recently moved to Georgia, about 15 minutes away from a famous gym, so I was thinking of going there for tumbling and flying lessons then eventually try out but i'm so nervous that I'm too old to start all over.

I used to do Allstar cheer when I was 15 in my hometown at a small gym. I wasn't the greatest, I was on a level 2 team for two years. but I LOVED it. I did it up until I was 17 & I got into a very bad car accident that left me with a concussion, two sprained legs and pulled muscles in my back. They took me off the team I was placed on that year, and it seemed like nobody wanted to help me regain my skills back. I eventually just gave up on it.

I have been a fan of the gym near me since I was younger. I drive past their gym everyday on my drive home lol and I always just wanna stop in and join. But I have NO skills anymore. Like, probably just a cartwheel that's about it. I'm actually embarrassed to step into a gym full of so much talent with no skills.

So im wondering - is it too late for me to start again at 24? or should I go for it?
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