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Mar 23, 2010
I'm having trouble with this. I main base and we can get her up but she doesn't twist, or she twists but doesn't go up sometimes. Any tips for me? I grip left over right.
Its either her not letting yall twist, or yall not twisting hard enough and with enough power! Make sure she rotates with her hips (and looks over her shoulder). Don't let her twist herself though, you should initiate it and guide her all the way to the top!
are you doin it to 1 or 2 legs? my team did it to 1 leg and i was secondary base, i imagined i was main basing a full up i had to pull up and whip that twist once my flyer was well above eye level

make sure your flyer stands up tall, try using a high-v and look in the direction she is twisting

practice the timing of the twist with the bases so you are all dipping lifting and twisting together