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Apr 3, 2020
Hi everyone,

I’m an incoming college freshman. Never cheered on a team a day in my life. I’ve taken a few tumbling and stunting classes at gyms over the years, but my parents never allowed me to join any teams even when I offered to pay for it. It’s a dream of mine to cheer in college or all star, but I know I’m no Worlds caliber athlete. Is there any possible chance I might possibly make a college team? Looking at USF or FIU. I’m 4’10 and under 80 lbs. Flexibility is not an issue, I have all the stretches from prior sports experience. Was an Olympic caliber skater but my heart wasn’t in it as the years progressed. However, I lack tumbling. I have a BWO, FWO, and BHS. They were all learned within a few weeks of tumbling classes so I would say I pick things up relatively fast? As far as stunting I have filled around with coaches before and have done full ups/downs and such (not generally in a one man) and definitely have a passion for flying. I’m willing to work my hardest but know a coach probably wouldn’t pick me over someone else. I’ve been invited to join teams on multiple occasions but parents always denied. I’m not associated with any gyms and some schools want letters from coaches. Could someone please chance me or give me options? I’m having major surgery in what seems to be tracking for sophomore year of college and due to the nature of the surgery cheer would be dangerous after lol since screws and such are involved. This is per my doctors. I’d love to live my dreams but don’t know where to start. Primarily more interested in USF but all star teams would be fun too! I totally understand that coaches understandably would not pick me over someone with fulls or such, but just looking to see options or possibilities. Also I’m a little confused about the age rules, if my bday is 12/27/01 could I do a normal senior team for the 20-21 season? Ty!
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