All-Star All-levels Championship Results Show

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is it over? it isnt loading on my computer and up to the point i watched, they didnt show my division. or are there no grand champions for divisions with only one team?
small junior 1- Victory Vipers
large junior 1- Champion Cheer
small junior 2- California Allstars
large junior 2- Prodigy Allstars
small junior 3- Prodigy Allstars
large junior 3- Texas Lonestar Cheer
small junior 4- Champion Cheer
large junior 4- Cheer Station
small junior coed 3- USA Wildcats
large junior coed 3- New Jersey Spirit Explosion
small junior coed 5- New Jersey Spirit Explosion
large junior coed 5- World Cup Starlites
senior 1- rockstar cheer
senior 4- rockstar cheer

sorry I wasn't paying attention to the others

special needs- Oklahoma Twisters
small sr coed 3- texas lonestar cheer
large sr coed 3- Xtreme Cheer CT
small sr coed 4- Ellenwood
large sr coed 4- Pride of Texas
small limited coed 5- Pro Athletics
Open Coed 6- CheerTyme