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Apr 25, 2011
i'm trying out to be a CYC Raider coached by Dorothy Wentland. my coach for my school cheer is actually a volunteer coach, and her daughter, her daughter's friend, and my co-coach's daughter, are all CYC Raiders. they always help step in with out routines if someone can't do it. and my coach's daughter and her best friend are Dorothy Wentland's favorite because she takes them on vacations with them! lucky people. so the try out dates are still to be decided, my coach said she'll keep me posted. CYC is like really really good! my jumps suck, but i'm working on it! and i can't tumble and you have to learn how to tumble to be on the teams. they said that you can still make it and not tumble, that just means you have to learn how to tumble. the minimum is a round off back handspring or standing back handspring. so do you think that if i make the team i will be able to learn those by the fall if i work with them, which on their website it says you can spend extra time one on one with someone to work on tumbling if you can't tumble. well i can't tumble at all. i can't cartwheel or do a bridge or a backbend! so i'm like really scared. so please, any tips you have at all. here is the website:

if you want read the FAQ's they give a lot of information on tryouts to maybe help you with your answer, and yes, i read it already, i don't want you repeating what they say, it just might give you an idea of how it works there so you know what to maybe tell me, idk, but it would help me if i was answering this for someone. also read the Tryout Info or the What To Expect(i think the link for that is somewhere in the tryout info stuff) and i know the tryout info says stuff about tryouts being over, well that's from last year, they don't update there site very much, they kind have recently but where it starts talking about 2011-2012, it just says that the previous season is still in competition mode, but i know this year's tryouts haven't started because of what my coach has told me
oh! and forgot to say, i'm a pretty fast learner and a lot of people on my team and coaches were shocked at how fast i learned some stuff. on my school's cheer team i came on the team in late august, the rest of the team has been practicing since the beginning of june, so they were all 2 months ahead of me. some girl moved away so i got a call to be on the team, of course i said yes! so i went to the first practice and they were working on stunting, they were already practicing the stunts for our routine for a few weeks. so they put me on hope who is like the best flyer on the team, <3 that girl to death, and they just taught me the basics at first as they tried figuring where they wanted to place me and if they needed other girls to get switched out and stuff. well on the first try off my double base i got it, and they were really shocked. then they showed me a twist up, we did it a few times stopping at a scrunchy so i could learn how to grab the foot, and it took me 2 tries to nail the twist up. we did other stuff like pops, fulls, show n go, extension, reload, how to move while holding a girl in a scrunchie. just the basic stuff they have already learned. then they tried me with different girls, then i got put on ashley, and i stayed with her, thank god, even though the other girls are 10-20lbs lighter than ashley, ashley is so much easier! so we did the main stunt. twist up, double base, pop, reload, show n go, scrunchie, and then that's when we move to the mount. after a few times i already got it all the way through. the next practice we had(2 days later) our coach had us all sit down as one group got up and did the stunt so our coach could see how far each group was and what they need to work on. our group was the only one she said had no problems. i felt so good after that, haha :)
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