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Dec 14, 2009
If Shooting Stars were from Idaho, their music would go like this:

Bring. Back. My fries.
I want ‘em all back, all the fries you took from me. I want em-I want em all back. I WANT EM ALL BACK! You may have bought that juicy quarter pound, but take my fries? I’ve want them in me. I’ve come to take back all the fries that you stole. When you take our fries, we come alive. Shooting Spuds give up? NEVER! They were super-sized! Did you’d think I’d crumble? Did you think I’d lay down and die? Oh no, not I! SHOOTING SPUDS! I’ll get my fries! Oh, they really are my one true love, even though they go to my thighs. I’ve got all my life to live, I’ve got all my love to give. I wont survive, without my fries. Hey-hey. I-I wont surive-ey-ey-ey. Can’t nobody, can’t nobody hold us down. W-O-R-L-D-C-U-P. WORLD CUP. We come to your town. Yeah they so bad, bad, but they so good, good. Watch out, when we come for you. Meal time is done for you. Its my time, and it’s fry time. AND THEY WERE MY SNACK. And I couldn’t be any more fonder. World Cup! My cholesterol’s rising, rising above the sky. Nothing can keep it down. I’m trying and it’s bad cuz my skirts so tight. It’s goin’ higher and higher. On the way to the top, it won’t stop, you’ll see. All around the world I’m reppin’ Micky D’s. Reppin’ all around the world, do ya see me? Ladies, don’t you ever forget those golden arcs! Don’t you know that you are a shooting spud? A flying root? A hurling starch? This. Is. World Cup! Awwww baby! My heart is full of plaque and its time for you, to go and get the doctor cuz my time is through. And only his medical knowledge, can set me freee! Pay attention, this condition would’ve been avoided if I had proper nutrition. SPUDS. I just got my fries back –Don’t let the Doctah fool ya- I just got my fries back, now I’ll eat the world. Don’t care who’s around me, I’ll just eat till I hurl. So hands up, block the throw up, yeah you’ll wanna stop this. Right now, in this moment, I will eat the world. So ladies, let us not forget, who broke the throne? SHOOTING SPUDS! Ahh!

I am not making fun, nor would I ever make fun of any current or former Shooting Star. I respect them and all that they do and stand for, whole-heartedly. Also, I am not trying to make fun of anyone from Idaho. Potatoes are my favorite starch.

Anyone else wanna do one? :)
if youth elite had a mexican theme, it would go like this...

-my version of youth elite-
All my illegal immigrants let me see you jump it, if your swimming yell it. CEA (Cross El Americano)!
From mexico to san antonio, we are illegal citizens.
Boarder control!? you know what to do! fake i.d.'s and American tattoos, toos, toos ,toos. Yea! mexican hats, mexican food, mexicans took my job im screwed, dora the explorer, monkey named boots, its a mexican invasion! its the cops, lets move!
We are illegal immigrants, but not very clever. rice, pinata, beans, now and forever
Jumped the border before, so do it all again! Illegal immigrants will win!

LMFAO bring...back...MY FRIES!!!
i dont have a cheer related version but i guess you can add this to shooting stars!

Eminem ft Rihanna - Love the way you lie CHORUS!

"Just gonna stand there and eat my fries?!?! well thats all right because i love your big @$$ tighs! just going to stand there and steal my food?!?! well thats alright because you look like a big bafoon!"

#thatawkwardmomentwhen your mom walks by you while you're on the boards borderline peeing your pants at this posts and she thinks it's a funny youtube video but when she comes to see what it is she sees that blonde girl with the fierce sports bra, shakes her head, and walks away
Danity Kane - DAMAGED

Do do you got a pair of cissors handy? do do you know how to patch up weaves? are you patient, understanding cuz im going to need some time to clear the whole in my scalp tonight. ive tryed every remedy and nothing seems to work for me. BABY this situation is driving me crazy and i really want to be that lady but the stylist before left my huurrr so DAMAGED so damaged and you can blame the stylist before. so how you gonna fix it , fix it (how you gonna fix it) so how you gonna fix it fix it? (baby i gotta know) how you gonna fix it fix it (what are you gonna do?)

Do do you got a a pair of extra glue sticks handy? do do you know how to pacth this weave but wont tell me?ar are are you patient and understanding cuz imma need some time to clear this gap in my scalp tonight. you try to gain my trust talking is not enough actions speak louder than words you've gotta show me something. my scalp is missing some pieces i need my tracks to be put together AGAINNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

remixed by yours truely!
Let me make this clear. This girl’s not going in the air. And you know you were a base last year. Threw a toss cupie by yourself in the air. You’re not a topgirl that’s a freaking fact. This is the year to try being a back. Go head run it off what you got to lose. Elliptical, running stairs whichever exercise you choose. If you want to fly lay it on the line. This is the only team you got cuz you’re not making Gymtyme. Mirror, mirror on the wall whose the biggest of them all, You girl, I eat big macs yall yaaaallll.

remix to the beginning of kentucky allstar cats world mix

Bahahahahahaha love this!!!