Any Tips For Heel Double?

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Jun 29, 2011
I have decent double twist in prep and arabesque and other back-legged stunt, but somehow i really find doubling from heel really hard and always land on my stomach and sometimes on my third's head :/.. thanks in advanceeee <3
heel stretch?
Make sure you snap your legs together & ride the pop and then twist. Don't try and twist right out of your heel stretch because then your legs will be apart & it will be harder to get around. The faster and cleaner you snap your legs, the easier it will be! Keeps those ankles together:) Thats what I always have to remind myself!
I agree! Snap your leg down as fast as you can and only then start the rotation. Otherwise your shoulders would start rotating without your hip. Your whole body has to rotate as one, which is only possible, if you initiate the rotation when the leg is down.
Think about coming to the center before you twist. When you're riding it up you want to be completely centered before starting to double...