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Apr 15, 2011
I've been cheering since I was in sixth grade (I'm going to be a senior this next season this winter :( ) My team goes to a gym for cheer tumbling. We only started going when I was a sophomore. I'd never been to gymnastics before that. Anyway, I was pretty close to having a standing bhs then i just kinda lost it when regular season started ( we did gymnastics over the summer once a week for about 5 or so weeks) I went back last summer and I thought I could get it on my own, i moved off of the cheese wedge and felt confident to try it on the spring floor for the first time, i did okay a few times but my coach told me to jump up and back so i did and forgot the back part (lets just say it didnt end well) ive been scared to try it even on the wedge ever since :( does anyone have any advice that will help me get over this fear? Gymnastics should be starting up within a couple months and i REALLY want to get it for my senior year! please help. :confused:
mental rehersal has really helped me get over blocks, imagine you doing the bhs perfectly over and over again, think about how your arms feel, what you actually see when your doing it, how you rebound out of it ect, every little detail.
Continue to do this, each time imagining you did it perfectly, and soon it will become kinda normal, and not so scary.
Hope this helps,
good luck!
Not open for further replies.