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Apr 15, 2011
I posted this in the newbies, but I didn't get many replies... how can I get over the fear of going backwards in a bhs. I'm going into my senior year for high school and want to get one to help out my team in tumbling. ANY advice would be much appreciated :D
-get spotted more so you can get comfortable with the idea of going backwards
-condition your body
- use incline or cheese mats
- is a great website that helps too
I hope this all helps:)
i had the same issue when i was learning my backhand spring. idk if it will help you, but it really helped me to think that as long as im doing exactly what ive been taught i cant get hurt. if its literally the whole issue of going backwards i would say use a barrel so that you have something to support you completely while your doing your backhand spring.
Once you get it really solid, you just won't be afraid anymore. You just have to throw it soo many times (even with a spot or down a cheese mat) that you're like "this is no big deal". That's what I had to say to myself. Good luck!
Ask your coach/ spotter to not spot you when you sit & go back and then come in when they need to. Then they'll need to less and less. This is what got me my bhs :)
i think its actually better for me to NOT have a spotter when i do them and warm up doing them on mats or into pits.. that way it gets me over my fear of going backwards but still makes me rely on myself, not the spot. cause if i have a spot too much, than doing it without one is absolutely terrifying
I would say start on a trampoline, then tumble track, then a cheese mat with a spot, then by your self , on the floor with a spot and then by yourself on floor. Work them where you feel comfortable, then move down to a new surface. Keep on conditioning too. Also try to think positive, like saying, "I can do this" or "Ill land this skill." youll be surprised at how much it helps:)
repetition repetition repetition! the more you do it with a safe comfortable spotter, the easier it will get! dont give up and good luck!
Use a barrel, do a lot of jump back drills on to mats or your bed. What helps me is visualization, imagining doing it perfoectly
Yup, the best thing you can do for yourself is to tell yourself you can. Its so simple and its so true! And the more you do the more comfortable you'll be!
just get spot. i had the same problem but its actually easier for me to go backwards fast for a back handspring than a back walkover. i have my tuck with less than one hand spot but i cant do a back walkover. like at all. if you just keep your elbows locked and arms by your ears. if you try there's not much you can do to hurt yourself other than bail and fall on your back or bail and bend your elbows then land on your face.. been there done that!