All-Star Bad Practice Nights

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i know people have had these!
how do you make yourself feel better after them??
i need advice :/
figure out what went wrong, and how i can fix it / improve for next practice, i then turn on my favourite music and dance around insanely in an attempt to forget all the petty problems of the night
Dont be too hard on yourself:) everyone has bad days! Stay positive and keep a smile on your face. Pray too god and he will help you feel confident in yourself. Go in the next practice with your head held high! Playing pump up music helps or reading a good book. I also suggest reality tv (things with LOTS of drama make your life seem so much less hectic!) hope this helps and have a great night!!
Put a new bow in your hair and go for a run. Or sulk. I generally find going home to sulk, threatening to quit and being a drama queen gets me through the night and the next day I wake up with a bit of perspective and realise it's not the end of the world. My partner is wonderfully patient when I'm in these moods ;)