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Jul 26, 2010
So, for someone like me who doesn't understant the whole American education system, (I'm pretty sure I'm a freshman, cause I'm 14) what high schools and universities are famous in the US for being academically excellent or competative, and also for having excellent cheerleading and dance programmes?
Ok so I'm English and don't know all that much about it either but from what ive gathered, our yr 10 is their freshman year, our yr 11 is sophomore year, our yr 12 is junior year and our yr 13 is senior year. From entirely my own opinion the universities I consider to be the best based on things I've heard about them are 'Ivy League' universities such as Harvard, Yale etc and universities like MIT. The best collegiate cheer teams (again my own opinion) are Kentucky, Alabama, Louisville, Maryland and Oklahoma State. For high school teams I'd say the best are the teams which won this nationals http://www.varsity.com/event/1328/2010_national_highschool_championship.aspx and lots of the Georgia high school teams such as this one http://www.youtube.com/user/AsianTumble10#p/u/13/ZuSHybhJRIg
our yr 10 is their freshman year, our yr 11 is sophomore year, our yr 12 is junior year and our yr 13 is senior year.

We only have 12 years (not counting kindergarten). 9 is freshman, 10 sophmore, 11 junior, 12 senior.
For academics and university rankings: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/
It really depends on what you want to major in however, as most schools may have one fantastic program but not as great other ones ( for example, a world renowned business school but an unheard of nursing school).

For cheerleading, we have teams that compete UCA or NCA, as well as a couple that are trying to compete in a new USA gymnastics cheer division (like Maryland). Many other schools have teams that do not compete but can be just as talented and fun, so it just depends on what you are looking for. For UCA Kentucky and Alabama are always strong as well as University of Central Florida and Morehead. For NCA, Louisville always dominates along with SFA(Stephen F. Austin University) and HPU(Hawaii Pacific).

In case you want to see for yourself:
NCA nationals 2010: http://www.varsity.com/event/1361/2010_nca_nda_collegeiate_cheer_and_dance_championship.aspx

UCA nationals 2010: http://www.varsity.com/event/1320/2010_uca_college_nationals.aspx
We only have 12 years (not counting kindergarten). 9 is freshman, 10 sophmore, 11 junior, 12 senior.

correct, we have 12....they have 13.

USA: 9th (14/15age) 10th(15/16) 11th(16/17) 12th(17/18 ) then university
UK: 10th(14/15) 11th(15/16) 12th(16/17) 13th(17/18 ) then university i think (correct me if I'm wrong....)
cheerforeverever you're correct :)

Also in America they have Elementary school, Middle school and High school whereas in England we have Primary school, Secondary/High school and College/Sixth form.
The best school in acidemics is Thomas Jefferson High school for science and technolgogy. I t's like a school for smart people but its a public school. its in alexandria, Virginia. But i dont know about the best school in cheerleading
There are SOOO many High Schools in America, I don't think you could necessarily rate them by best 'academically' minus the specialty schools: Magnet schools, Ivy League/Higher Up 'Prep' Schools, Art Academies, etc. I mean, there are certain boarding private schools that are considered to be 'top notch,' but it depends on who you talk to ;) Being in CT, we've got a LOT of swanky, fancy-schmancy prep schools (Choate, Kingswood-Oxford, Avon-Old Farms, Miss Porter's, etc), some who even have international boarding students.

As for cheerleading in HS, another issue is the out-of-state traveling rules for HS sports (why Georgia teams can't compete at NCA/UCA) and varying 'state competition rules', meaning each state's competition emphasizes different things and even RUNS differently. Most of the best schools, however, DO compete NCA/UCA, so if you watch their HS nationals you can get a decent idea.

I remember being in Ireland and my friends telling me they went to college and I got so confused..until I realized they meant it more like HS than American 'college'.
International Baccalaureate (IB) is one of the "premo" academic high school programs here, actually it's all over the world. In some places the schools are all IB, in others it's just part IB, but most dont have it. also, in some areas you have to pay to do it but other areas like mine, it's free. it's challenging but if you get the IB Diploma it basically guarantees you into any college you want to go to. here's the website: www.ibo.org

i'm not sure all that made sense lol, but oh well.
For both academics AND cheerleading in one school, Pinkerton Academy is pretty good. They have girls that have moved on to cheer at UNH, Louisville, Elmira, and Penn State for just a few..