All-Star Best Stunt Saves At Nca And Cheersport

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Dec 15, 2009
GBE Lime day 2 and Top Gun Gabi's double up... I love how she pulled her Bow'n arrow
LOVED GBE Lime's saves on day 2 of Cheersport. Those girls were NOT going down.
cali small sr first day on the 1.5. it kinda worked though because the motions after it were like "NOT TODAY!". loved it!
this has nothing to do with stunting, but the center two to double on lime, and i believe the last pass in running, has a GORGEOUS double. at first i thought she was only going to full and then busted out the second twist so effortlessly. amazing.
Not at NCA or Cheersport but still an amazing stunt save.
I hope it's not private
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In the tick tock section, far left and second from right. Those kids know how to SAVE stunts.
The right one muscled it all the way up from gut and the kid on far left pulled her stretch regardless!

Love these kids!
Ahh you guys are all so sweet! Thank you so much! They are fighters! They said nothing was coming down no matter what! The thing that is so great about these kids they get it at such a young age! They love this sport and the lessons it has taught them to use in real life!! I am so excited that people are being so positive and when I tell them they will be so excited to hear!! Thanks guys and hope to see everyone soon!! Luv ya limers!
Not open for further replies.