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Jan 11, 2011
We are starting to work express ups. I am having a hard time to make them hit every time. They are very hit and miss. What was some tips or drills that helped you hit them???
I would make my girls repeatedly practice switch and sticking on a pannel matt. Also it helps to tell them to switch up not down. A lot of times the little ones are scared to let go and catch the foot because they dont want to get hit. But I tell them that if they give her a nice big pop they will have more time to see and catch the foot, which meant that they wouldn't get hit lol.
is the problem the bases or the flyer?
if it's the bases/backspot tell the back to grab the right ankle as soon as humanly possible! the minute it is in reach at the top, grab and pull UP, because generally the backspot should have the foot for a spilt second before the bases, the lighter it is for the bases, the best chance they have of getting the right grip right away
The thing that helped me the most as a flyer was just learning to replace the foot. If the foot is in the same place every time, the bases will never miss it. As a base, I learned that as soon as a flyer has her heel forward of her, there is a 90% chance the stunt is going to fall or look like its all over the place if the bases happened to run around underneath to get under her. Bases don't do a whole lot as far as the actual release. I just let go when she pulled her foot, so make sure they're not holding on while the flyer is trying to switch. Then when they catch, its just getting underneath. Flyers really do have to have the timing down though or it wont work. They have to be able to feel when they're supposed to switch.
All of these are great techniques. I have used most of them. [thumbs up] this is kinda off topic but my coach told me if I hit my express up consistently for the entire practice she would make me cupcakes. Needless to say I hit them all and now I can't do an express up without thinking about funfetti.

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