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Feb 1, 2011
Hey everyone! I was just wondering what you all think are the best/most effective workouts/exercises for flexibility, endurance, stamina, balance, etc. :) How does your team condition?
I love the Insanity workouts and yoga! Insanity is great for endurance overall and yoga is great for building strength while maintaining flexibility. I love it!
tons of cardio forsure... and ankle weights! my team from back in the day used to have us bring ankle weights to practice and we would do leg lifts and jump drills with them on... what a world of difference they made!
Train like you compete.. I do sprints of 3 minutes, rest (speed walk) for 1 min, Repeat 3-4 times. Then obviously weights, mimicking motions that you are trying to work on. For Example, squat to press - like a prep to extension. The key is functional training. PS - yes I majored in fitness in college :)
we play "golf". it's 18 lines of tumbling and for level 4/5 we have to do layouts/fulls/doubles on each line and if you end your pass in a rebound you and everyone in the line behind you has to start over, even if you only have one more line left!

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