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Dec 4, 2009
So this is a small rant. After spending a good bit of time learning about twitter and how to use it I am slightly irritated at all these companies who have a twitter, but don't know how to use it. Making a tweet on twitter about how you recently updated your blog is not it. It is not for announcements. It is not for generic statements. It is not for avoiding the public. It is meant to engage people. Talk directly to them. Adding a link to your twitter account doesnt make it relevant or anything.
Lol I have to agree the company I work for is trying to be relevant on twitter and it makes me laugh with every tweet no offense love them all but missing the twitter point ;)
I hate it how people in the cheer industry like say, competition holders, cheer brands, and like hair bow companies use twitter... like really, if more people are on facebook than twitter, and you're trying to sell your stuff and all that, i would just stick with a facebook page then the unneccasary twitter... leave twitter for legally stalking famous people :)