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Mar 26, 2011
TRAIN2cheer™ Strength & Conditioning is excited to announce it’s Black Friday weekend sale. The highly acclaimed TRAIN2cheer™ workout DVD will be 35% off retail value from midnight November 24, 2011 to midnight November 28, 2011. The TRAIN2cheer™ Team Pack will be 30% off retail value with free shipping.

This offer is available at
Here is what people are saying about TRAIN2cheer Strength & Conditioning:

-“I looove this new workout and you will too. Think P90X meets super MOTIVATOR! I
really can't say enough about how I felt drenched in sweat from this workout". -St. Louis
Fitness Trends Examiner

-"The workout is also extremely versatile by selecting specific tracks based on your
preferences or time available to exercise. It is a fun workout set to great music that will keep
you motivated and energized making the time fly by". -Huff & Buff

-"Now, if you're looking for a new workout that's different and upbeat..."

About Stacey DelPreore:

Stacey DelPreore, the owner of Train 2 Be Fit Productions and the creator and head
instructor in her workout DVD, TRAIN2cheer™ Strength & Conditioning, has been involved in both the fitness and cheerleading industries for the past 15 years. She was the cheerleading captain at Sacred Heart University and was a proud member of the UCA staff for 10 years. Stacey also coached a high school team in Connecticut and World Challenge All-Stars in New York. She runs her own personal training business and is a certified AFAA instructor. In her spare time, Stacey enjoys teaching high impact group exercises classes, reading current fitness and nutrition trends, and writing articles on cheerleading fitness. Stacey earned her Bachelors of Science in Human Movement and Exercise Physiology at Sacred Heart University and holds a Masters in Health and Physical Education at Manhattanville College.
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