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Mar 10, 2022
Hi all,

I would love your help. It's no secret that cheerleading can have disastrous impacts on the body image of athletes, especially young people. I'm sure you've heard stories of young girls restricting their diet to become or stay a flyer, and possibly even seen many young women underweight or drastically losing weight. This is a topic that I am very passionate about as I have several close friends who have been hospitalized due to eating disorders primarily caused by cheerleading. Situations like this are just way too common in our sport and it needs to change.

My friend and I are aiming to create a campaign called "Everybody is a CheerBody". The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness on the not-so-glamorous side of our incredible sport. We have so many ideas for this campaign. However, before we can carry these out, we need data and statistics. We have written out a survey ( ) with questions related to the impacts of cheerleading on body image. Once we have this data, we will be able to effectively raise awareness for this issue. The more people we can survey, the more accurate our research becomes. As a person with so much influence and reach in the cheerleading community, we were wondering if you would be able to complete our survey and possibly share it in any way, whether that be sending it to your teammates, linking it to your instagram story, or even just filling the form out yourself. Any people that we can reach with this survey makes the world of a difference, and hopefully one day it will drastically change the cheerleading world.

Feel free to shoot me a dm on instagram if you would like to chat further @caryscheers
Thanks x
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