All-Star Can't Wear Other Gyms Shirts

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Nov 27, 2010
I have tons of shirts from other programs that I have gotten from trading. I have been wearing them in and out of practice but ive been told by my coach that we are not allowed to wear other gyms shirts at the gym. Which kind of throws me off, I mean its cheerleading are we not allowed to support other gyms? I practically paid my gym for all the shirts because I bought shirts to trade for the other ones. And that also means whoever I traded with is supporting my gym somewhere else. Do you think you should be allowed to wear whatever cheer clothes we want as long as its appropriate? Or do you agree with my gyms rules on the matter? Im interested in hearing everyones opinions, not just on my situation but what if it happened to you or if your gym has the same rules.
If they don't make you have mandatory practice wear but get mad that your wearing other gyms shirts it's kinda crazy. My cp wears a few other teams stuff to the gym and I'd be shocked if anyone said something to me! If it's not in the rules that I signed I'd say well maybe that's something you should address next year!

I think it's like a feeling of insecurity..
Kinda like my boyfriend saying I can't speak to another boy because were together.

Like it would be one thing if you were contemplating going to these gyms and quitting your team or maybe tumbling or hanging out there then it seems as disrespectful if you did it but other then that no!
we have set practice clothing.. so its not an issue & if you come to Open gym and your from one of the teams at our gym its doesnt matter what you wear! (obviously clothes yes, not just walk in your bday suit)

if you dont have a set clothing sched. for practices i dont see why its an issue unless its like some rival team you guys dont get along with within your state LOL!
We get tshirts and shorts but we arent required to wear them certain days, which is why I was suprised by the new rule too. I think if the reason they don't want you to wear other gyms is for unity then why don't they make mandatory wear? And no, ive worn shirts from all over. Most teams we don't ever go against, even at worlds.
The only reason I could see for them making this rule is if they have new parents/kids come by to watch and see if they are interested in joining, and when they come they see other gyms being advertised and decide to go to them. That would only work if it was a gym close by though, and even then the likelihood that it would happen is probably slim. I think if a gym doesn't specify exactly what you have to wear then they shouldn't get upset when you wear something they never said wasn't allowed.
I can see it both ways...

I have tons of cheer shirts myself, and I love wearing them anywhere and everywhere... they are T-shirts and they are comfy... and they come in all colors.

However, when I walked into a Spirit of Texas practice, I wouldn't ever dream of wearing a shirt from another gym... I took pride in my gym, and whenever I was there, I wanted to show my support for everything that was going on in that gym. It wasn't that I don't support other gyms... it was that I was so proud to be a SOT athlete... I wouldn't want any other name across my chest while I was under that roof. Anywhere else, you could catch me with a shirt from any number of gyms. But when I was in the Spirit building, I was a Spirit athlete, and I wanted to show my full support to the staff and athletes that I was 100% committed to that place when I was there to work out/practice.
if its stated in the rules, then just follow it. but if its not, maybe you can talk about it with your coach regarding you wearing other gym's shirt(s)
I love wearing the shirts i've traded to practice. I mean sometimes my coaches will say a voiceover from the team of the shirt i'm wearing or something but they never say that I can't wear it. I don't think they should be able to tell us what kind of shirts we can or can't wear? As long as it's appropriate, that is.
I mean you wouldn't see a Yankee walking around in a Red Socks shirt. You wouldn't see someone who works at Gatorade drinking Powerade.

While not entirely the same, I think it follows the same logic. While you may look at it as just a fun shirt, the owner sees it as wearing the competitors name. (I mean competitor in terms of the business)
I think it's silly to be honest. My girls used to cheer at a large, well known gym (before we moved), but that gym was kind of a drive for us. So in the summers, they would tumble at a gym much closer to us. Well, most of their cheer clothes were from their gym, so that's what they wore to tumble in. The coach/director tried to tell them to go either turn their stuff inside out or change entirely. I said, whoa...I pay the same as the next person for them to tumble here. Don't tell them what they can or can't wear. I thought that was a little silly. And to me, it shows immense insecurity. JMO though. As far as the baseball analogy...I don't really relate that to this. I don't see a problem with a girl on Stingrays to wear a shirt she traded for from Spirit of Texas. Sure, they are "rivals" at big events, but who cares. Focus on your team, not the shirt they have on.
I agree. I see why someone may say it, but I also think it's pointless. People will go elsewhere if they want to, a shirt isnt going to sway their decision.
If you are just in the gym for tumbling or for open gym I would think that you should be able to wear another teams shirt. If you are on a team and have a practice uniform then I think you should wear the uniform. A few weeks ago I took my CP to an event to support her former gym and she wanted to wear one of their teams shirts and I told her no that she needed to wear her current teams shirt to show her pride in the gym!​
At our gym I have seen people wear shirts from other gyms, but I have also seen people asked to remove or tunr shirts inside out from specific local gyms. I think that if you allow people to wear shirts from other programs you have to be consistant. Either you can wear shirts from all programs or just your program. Otherwise you are putting forth an image of insecurity and airing your bad blood.
If you were wearing a rivals shirt I could understand. But if you're in Carolina, and wearing a shirt from Texas, it seems a little ridiculous to me that someone would ask you to take it off.