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Will you put me on Wildcats/Fiercekatz/Panthers/Cheetahs/any other team?
At this point, no. You can get on our waiting list by emailing [email protected]. I assume that you are joking, but we actually are turning people away. Yesterday, a great flyer with a 1 to double called to see if she could do a private tryout and we told her no. That is somehing I would have bet big money against ever happening and I am still a bit stunned that we would actually get to that point.
What does g3fca2a mean? :p

There is a phrase or motto that has special meaning for our athletes. They typically learn the words a couple of months into their season. By now, there have been thousands of people who have been told the exact wording. I'm sure that if someone tried hard enough, they could find someone who was willing to share that despite our wishes that it be kept private. I would hope that the majority of them, even athletes who have moved on to other programs would have respect enough for the CA family not to share.

That being said, even learning the wording of the phrase doesn't mean that you "get" it. Without actually being a part of the CA family, there really isn't a way to understand it's meaning completely.

Obviously, I am not going to share the exact meaning.
Will Lv 6 be getting subliminated (SP?) uniforms?
is there a name for lv 6?

I imagine that every single team will end up with the new "infused" designs this year. They were a massive hit with the teams that got them last year and those athletes absolutely loved them. The returning teams that already had the designs will likely keep the designs they had for another year.

They will almost certainly all have the skorts as well. It seems an absolute miracle, but it was actually me who came up with that idea which combines the best aspects of a skirt and shorts. I was hesitant to even suggest it in the various design meetings we had for fear of being laughed out of the room.

Like several of the things we have ended up with (dye sublimated uniforms, skorts, reversible skirts, etc.) the uniform companies initially told us that it wasnt possible for them to make them work. Sometimes is just takes a little faith in your ideas to make them happen.
We do not have a name for the new level 6 team. We may discuss that with the team at the first practice. There are a few good options out there, but my guess would be that Junglecats would be most likely out of the already-used names. Maybe there is another name out there that we haven't used before?
I have a question about the uniforms. What is the price for a custom designed uniform like that. I'm really interested in the cost vs traditional uniforms.