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Oct 25, 2011
Why do youth & most junior levels have to wear their hair in ponytail, and older girls can wear it down?
Maybe because the coaches know that the older girls won't play with or touch their hair during the competiton?
I'm assuming your referring to certain teams..
Our tiny, mini, youth, junior, and senior teams must always wear a high ponytail.
I also like all to have their hair up. And I agree with the above comment it is so hard for them not to tumble on their hair. I feel that it is hard to not tumble on your hair in backbends and backwalkovers which is what a lot of the younger teams are doing. Also the younger girls would play with their hair way too much in their routine.
Probably extreme, but I tend to lower my opinion of a team before the music even starts if the hair is down. if the hair is flying all over the place it just doesn't come across as serious and "professional" and I find myself distracted by waiting for one of the girls to pull out a hank of hair during a tumbling run after their hand lands on it. I did actually see one poor base trying to get hair out of her face when her fly came down awkwardly. made for an interesting moment.