All-Star Cheer Music Format For All-star Teams?

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Feb 24, 2011
Why do all-star squads don't perform a cheer in their routines? What would an all-star routine with a cheer in the routine be like?
Why do all-star squads don't perform a cheer in their routines? What would an all-star routine with a cheer in the routine be like?

All stars stopped doing cheers about 7-9 years ago. Since a cheer is not an integral part of competing, most event producers started providing an "all music" option around 2001 and completely eliminated the cheer option for all stars about 3-4 years later.
Search hard on youtube and I'm sure you can find an old allstar routine with a cheer in it. My very first year of allstars we had a traditional cheer, then moved to the cheer over music and now cheer is no where on the scoresheet. Why spend time on something that will earn no points when you could be using that time and energy on something to help you out.
I'm glad Jeff Webb has learned some new phrases since the mid-90s. Oh wait, he hasn't. Pretty sure he comments on the coed teams having higher tosses and more difficult stunts every year at every competition
I think its Bill Seely, not Jeff Webb talking but either way they have both pretty much said the same thing year after year for a couple of decades now!

This is back in the day in the 90's but it's an example... Rules have changed a lot! LOL
This is what cheerleading was when I first started. I used to think that background was so cool - I had no clue back then that it was just the Indiana Jones set! I will say I cringed every time they hit motions in that video! They were terrible! The dance moves were funny and it made me realize I don't miss hard floors!
We stopped doing our cheer last year , because it wasn't on the score sheet .
Why do it , if you don't get points ? :) Some teams have theirs in their music, like Midwest .
Kentucky Girl, Yes Everyone is correct it used to go down back in the day of the mid to late 90's and by the time 1999-2000 hit Music/Cheer/Music at the All Star Level was OVER!, and given that All Star Cheerleading is considered a Sport in many circles and conversations in todays age, we would never perform Music/Cheer/Music because it was been recently stated publicly that some consider "Sideline/Game Day" Cheerleading Athletic but not a Sport (due to the lack of competition part of "Sideline/Game Day" Cheerleading. A someone also stated they took out the cheer in their routine because its not on the score sheet, we started doing cheers within the music of the routine and as you can see now that's no longer as well.
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