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kaepa shoes because they have the changeable color triangles, I've also never used any other kind
i heard you go up a haft size up from your normal shoe size. is that right?
Best for tumbling because they are super light! Aren't very durable though...
i have the new varsity ones and i loveee them! they are so comfy and perfect for stunting and tumbling!
I couldn't live without my nfinity evolutions<3
they are so comfortable for tumbling, I love them.
I only wore my Nfinity Evolutions until last season when I tried some new shoes that I don't remember the name of. Did not like them at all so I went back to my Nfinity's.
Those are my favorite shoes, I could not perform in any other shoes.
I've only tried two types of cheer shoes: Kaepa Ultralyte 2 and the new Varsity ones. Personally my favorites are the Kaepa shoes; I just find they fit to my foot better and I've also found them easier to stunt and jump with :) Plus I love the triangles you can change!!!!!