All-Star Cheerleaders From The Uk Wanting To Visit Cheer Gym Whilst At Worlds

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Jul 5, 2010
There are 6 people from the UK who are traveling to florida to watch worlds this year. We competed at worlds last year and are comong to watch and hopfully train this year. We are looking for gyms in the florida and miami area who are willing to either let us come and visit the gym to meet new people or spend some time training in the gym. (and if possible rob a flyer as we are all bases who are traveling) we are arriving in florida on the thursday night before worlds and staying for a week in florida then moving to miami for our last week. we have already sorted training out in Cheer Tampa and i think at UCF but would like to visit more gyms and meet more people.

So if anyone know of any gyms we could visit, could you PM me or leave a contact email address of some gyms or people who we could contact please. Or anyone who would like to possible come to a gym and volounteer as a flyer or anyone who would like to work with us on improving our skills. All of us have based full ups, stretch to stretch tick tocks and kick double.

What gyms are in the Florida/miami area? obviously we already know about top gun, anyone have an email address to contact them?