All-Star Cheersport - Why Some Organizations Refuse To Attend?

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May 27, 2011
I've attended Cheersport quite a few times over the last couple of years and noticed that some organizations never attend or will not return to this major National after low placements. I understand the West coast teams don't travel much and choose NCA, but what about others?
I know for MD Twisters it is not feasible to have 2 major National travel trips back to back weekends, maybe if the events were 2 or 3 weeks apart. I am sure that due to these 2 events having different score sheets may be an issue as well.
yeah i think a big factor is that cheersport and nca are back to back so it makes it hard for some gyms to go to both
There are probably some teams that refuse to attend after not doing so hot but in many cases there are other factors involved. There is the economy, the back to back weekend with NCA which can cause problems with schools if you have to leave early, and also some teams may not like the Cheersport way of things as much as they do at a different competition.
Like everyone already said, it's probably because they're back to back. Unless your within driving distance, that's pretty crazy to do both.
Personal opinion here: NCA is a more prestigious competition and it is so much fun! I have been to both events and I feel like NCA blows Cheersport away. AGAIN JMO!
Curious of cost wise between NCA and Cheersport.

In general is it cheaper to fly into Atlanta or Dallas? (obviously starting location makes a difference, so Rays and Cheer Athletics shouldnt answer this... maybe someone who flys to both?)

Competition feels are about the same in the end?

How is dining? hotel fees? getting around? entertainment?

if you can exclude travel how do they compare?

id rather have 5 big events EVERYONE attends all year than the way it is now.