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Feb 21, 2011
It appears to me some teams choose their competitions wisely. They will pick competitions at venues that your stronger gyms do not go to. My question is, would you rather go to weaker venues knowing you will place well ( Grand Champs etc. ) or give it a shot at the stronger competitions . What is better for the CP, to beat gyms you never heard of, because winning is still winning or to maybe place low against stronger teams at better competitions.
my old gym picked very small competitions that they knew we would win. like they made a HUGE HUGE deal out of one of our competitions and said it was the biggest comp ever.....we went against one other team and no level 2 or 5 teams attended the event.
At one of my old gyms, we would always go to little competitions where we would only beat like one person and then we would make like a huge deal about it. Then at some of those super tiny competitions we would have no one in our division so I would always feel stupid saying we won. It didn't feel good to win, because it was handed to us. Last year, at my new gym, we went to bigger competitions where were were always up against at least 3 other teams. At one of our bigger competitions Cheer Extreme, Stingrays, Green Bay Elite, Etc were there. There were many great teams in our division. We only placed like 5th out of 10, but it felt so good to get that 5th! I was proud of my team because we worked for that 5th place! I felt way better than when that 1st place was handed to us. Moral of the story, it feels better to place lower at big comps then it does to place well at small comps because you didn't have to work for it.
I think it depends what your parents are like some just want to win and don't care how many the. We like to make everybody happy and go to one or two small ones, it helps to boost the new girls confidence, and then also go to bigger ones, like cheer power and NCA. It helps new girls to boost confidence before the big ones then we go to the big ones to see where we stand.
You should want to compete at both big and small competitions. At the bigger comps the judging is better so you will get better feedback that can help you improve your routine, also you can see were you stand against the competition. The gym I cheered for last season only had 4 teams and where ever we went whether it was a big or small comp we let our name be known, we would out score and beat out the big name teams that had at least 10-20 teams. For example our youth lvl 1 team got the highest score at a competition this past season. So it doesn't matter where you go you just have to bring it.
If I wear a gym owner, I would pick by competition company and size. Although the strongest of routines can win at both, certain routines do better at Varsity competitions and certain routines do better at Jambrand, obviously. I find it a major trend that gyms tend to go to all Varsity or all Jambrands. Personally, I would pick all Jambrands and then from there I would pick their big ones like Super Nationals and BATC, and then from there I would pick a variety of local competitions such as GLCC, Jamlive, or MegaJams based on past size and date. I dont really understand some gyms that will design a routine to be really Varsity oriented and then go to alot of Jambrand competitions or vice versa. If you are able to do unbelievable skills and max out both, this would make sense, both most teams arent so lucky.
As a parent I like that our gym takes the teams to some small but also several big like NCA so the teams get to run with the big dogs to see how they do...they usually do pretty well just sayin..
It also depends on what your parents can afford..depending on where you are located (Hello Northeast lacking a major MAJOR national), you might have to travel more to get to the big ones like Jamfest Supernats, Cheersport, NCA, UCA, BATC, etc. so some teams may do one or two BIG ones, a big one or so, then a couple med and locals. It just depends on what's available and what you can afford..