Cleaner Tumbling?

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Mar 28, 2011
I really need to clean up my tumbling. It looks terrible right now. Tips would be very much appreciated! :)

Right now I really just need to fix my BHS. That would help with a lot of things. When I do my BHS my legs are bent and my knees don't stay together but my feet do. It looks really weird and ugly. What can I do to help keep my knees together and legs straight? Also, I have hyperextended elbows and I can't lock my arms in the BHS or else my elbows will hyperextend and it's painful. I try to keep them as straight as possible without locking them but sometimes my arms still bend. Does anyone else have this problem? How did you fix it?
A proper handstand is THE KEY to every gymnastics skill. If you have a perfect handstand, it makes everything else that much easier. I'm sure you can google a million handstand drills. Snap downs are a great starting point.
That's great advice!! Handstands and snap downs, I can practise at home. Thank you!
yeah my old coach said to handstand against the wall with perfect form (hollow body, head straight, shoulders shrugged- pushing up) for 2 minutes everyday it helps with shoulder strength which you need for popping out of each handspring
Practice drills at LOTS of conditioning. I usually go to everyday. It really helps your tumbling skills, jump skills, and even stunt skills and it will get you healthier too. Make sure you also stretch everyday for flexibility which will also help in your tumbling. Good luck and have fun!:)