Coaching Guide for Recreational Cheerleading

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Apr 14, 2024
Hello Everyone!

I am a seasoned coach with over 10 years, specializing in rec cheer. I have all my certifications and am gold-level certified in my governing body. I am also a certified teacher.

I have created a guide for all my coaches, new and old to help spark ideas and create amazing teams. I have decided to offer the guide to other coaches to help the education of cheerleading expand! This guide can be used to teach new coaches or to inspire existing coaches. There are over 50 pages of tumbling, stunting, and jumping drills. Also included are routine creation information and behavioral management tips.

I know coaching is a tight budget so the guide is priced at $9.99 to allow everyone access within any budget. in the guide is also my personal email to allow for questions, clarification, etc. Here is the link:

The drills included are meant to be done by supervising and certified coaches. The drills must be chosen within the athlete's ability and completed safely. The guide holds no liability for injuries that occur.