All-Star Coastal Corporation - Maryland Regional

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I saw that same thing. interesting.

and i thought that CheerTyme was going to be there, but they aren't listed in the results.

Congrats to Marlins SO5 taking grand champs...don't see that everyday!
Cheer Tyme did not make it to this comp because of bad weather in PA
Are there any videos from this event??

Marlins Youth 2, Youth 3 Jr 4, and Sr Open 5 all outscored Tsunami
7.739 is a really really low score for a prominent level 5 team.
I wasn't there but they received a 9.202 at Coastal Corp's Md States a few weeks back, so either they got hit with some really harsh deductions or its a typo in the results. Excited to see how they do at Cheersport this weekend. Good luck girls!

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