All-Star College Stats Project: Is Cheerleading Athletic? Help!

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Apr 11, 2011
I'm conducting a survey for my college Statistics class for my end of the semester project, in an attempt to prove my alternative hypothesis that cheerleaders are athletes! Could you take 30 seconds to respond to the survey ...

1. What is your BMI? If you dont know, what is your height and weight?
2. Do you personal think you are in shape, or physically fit?
3. What is athletic about competitive cheerleading?
4. Your age, Male or Female
5. What gym/what area are you from?
6. How long have you cheered? Have you done another sport?
1. between 25 and 29.9
2. physically fit. my body is mostly muscle. my bmi is so high because i am so short
3. competative cheer takes so much endurance and strength. you're constantly lifting other people which takes an extreme amount of strength and a 2.30 minute routine can be extremely exhausting. you're moving every second of that routine.
4. 19, female.
5. salisbury, md
6. 10 years. no.
1. BMI=20
2. I consider myself physically fit between practice, team lifting, and my own work outs. I like to keep my body healthy, strong and durable.
3. Cheerleading is athletic because it combines so many physical elements: strength, flexibility, endurance, determination, power, speed, sudden movements, and mental toughness.
4. 21, female
5. Ohio
6. 11 years, played soccer and did gymnastics as a child. Also did dance (tap, jazz, ballet, pointe, hip hop).
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