All-Star Competition Preparation.....

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I get ready blasting my routine music. I also have a playlist of songs (like my routine music, All I Do Is Win, Champion by Rupaul, and Lose Yourself by Eminem, and others) that I play in the car and when I'm not doing anything. I don't do a lot of stretching since I don't fly anymore. I also always hold hands with my flyer while taking the floor- ALWAYS. And I kiss my flyer on the head while we're on deck. Don't know why-- I've just always done it.
Oh, also we spray body glitter ALL over ourselves in warmups. The team I'm on has always done this. We missed the first day of a 2 day competition (didn't have any glitter because the coach forgot) and we dropped EVERYTHING.. We did it for day two and hit everything.

Also, we always say the Lord's Prayer. And we do a team chant... And we say some ritual sayings I'm not gonna repeat on the boards... ;)
-Pray, ALOT.
-Listen to spice up your life (i was on RAYS spice last year) Justin Beiber never say never, and lemonade mouth determinate!!
-I always do my make up twice
-Take lots of pictures :D