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May 8, 2011
I've been having trouble recently with my backhandsprings. I was injured for a few months and when I started tumbling again, when doing a standing backhandspring I can't seem to go backward enough I end up setting like for a tuck and trying to bhs out of it. How can I get myself to get the backward momentum?
Also, I've always had trouble connecting skills. I have a standing tuck more solid than my standing bhs, due to my technique problem ^, but I can't even begin to wrap my head around doing 2 standing bhs, a roundoff 2 bhs, or even a jump bhs! What are some drills or techniques I can use to get over my fear of connecting skills?
For multiple back handsprings, get the feet really far in front of you before taking off for the second back handspring. Try to bring them all the way to where you put your hands on the ground for the previous handspring -- and it won't happen because of your backwards momentum, but if you get them as close to there as you can you'll be golden. Same principle applies to round off handspring handsprings. It's all about angles. You could also think about it this way: for back handsprings, you must leave the ground from your entire foot. Right now it sounds like you are leaving from your toes, which is the take off for "bigger" tricks.

You could practice standing back handsprings where you snap your feet really far in front of you when you land. If you start to go backwards afterwards, you're doing it right. Let me know if you don't understand and I'll try to explain it another way.
I was the same way, use the tumble track to throw the skills and them do them on the floor.