All-Star Does Anyone Find Themselves Wanting To Open A Cheer Gym?

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Jun 17, 2011
It may just be me, but I've started considering opening a cheer gym for a legit profession. I know this is a hard task, but does anyone else aspire to run their own gym, and not just be a mother of their wonderful CP's?
Ive always wanted to when I'm older, but now I just wanna coach! I can't imagine having to start a whole new gym, and leave the one I am family with now. I do wanna have a little boy & girl cheerleader though:) Thats my plan, but my plan of being a lawyer might kill it lol
I want to just be a coach too. Being an owner of a gym is so stressful but it seems rewarding and fun at the same time.
If you are a gym owner, I think you'd do more buisness stuff than actual cheer stuff.
Ever since I've started cheering, I've wanted to own a gym of my own. I think it's very rewarding to work with children and I can't imagine my life without cheerleading. It is my serious life plan (even though people don't believe it) and I plan to go to college for a major in business and a minor in early childhood ed.
Ive always wanted to start my own gym something small but very powerful in each level. Next year I'm going to start coaching maybe in the far future but hopefully one day.

I'm studying pre-med for orthopedic surgery.. to open a gym one day. Oh how not so proud my parents will be when they find med school money has gone to the sport they hate!