Does Your Gym Video Your Teams Comps And Playback As A Teaching Tool?

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No they do not. That would be a good idea. However, I do watch the video that I recorded with my cp since she is only 6.
I'll point out specifics of her being late. I'll point out if she is looking at someone else. (that kills me) like please be comfortable enough that you can do that dance in your sleep stop looking at the person on the left. Also I point out her body positions when flying and I'll pause the video. I'll say look you never actually hit that position or what not. I make it so it doesn't sound so negative but I do want her to see that because it helps her realize what she is doing!

Then I'll also tell her good things like hey look at your jumps getting higher or whatever else I see she is improving.

I did colorguard for 1yr in high school. Haha
Anyways we would always watch the performances back on the big screen with the team and they would pause or watch it in slow speed and point out all the mess ups like people having there flag wrapped up or on the wrong count or formation.
It was so embarrassing the one time I did something wrong was pointed out I'd work twice as hard during performing to make sure I hit that performance perfectly.
So maybe video play back with the team would be a good idea in cheer!
My daughter went to a tumbling camp and they videotaped and watched. It helped so much. Before that she thought she had good form, not!
My daughter went to a tumbling camp and they videotaped and watched. It helped so much. Before that she thought she had good form, not!

Video helped my cp's tumbling a lot, too. Though she had higher skills, she saw that her legs needed to be closer together in her BHS. And since she never listened to her Mom, vid was a great learning tool :)
They don't record at comps, but they have a playback thing set up at practice, so when things aren't going right, they'll video certain aspects (stunt sequence, tumble pass, etc) and play back so they can see. Cp says it's super helpful because they watch it and immediately re-do it, so it reinforces much more.
At Twisters we tape and then watch it right away so things that need to be fixed are fixed ASAP!

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We have a projector, so the practice after a comp, they project our performance on the wall and we have to watch it various times to look at different things we need to fix. I feel it helps a LOT! It shows us that we don't wanna be that team on the screen and to improve what they tell us to!
Because when I'm coaching at comps I can't hold a camera and I can't see the whole floor at once, I have my mom video tape all my kid's routines so I can go back and watch and see what the problem areas are. I think it's a good tool for coaches as much as kids. You can't watch everyone at once and a video gives you the opportunity to see "Oh my, Amy's toes aren't pointed in her pike and she's in the front" or "Dear Lord, did Julia just stick her tongue out in that pyramid!?!"
yes at fame allstars they have a tv on floor that we can pause and look back at mess ups really helps my team get better at what we need to do.. after every comp.