All-Star Don't Drink And Cheer... Or Else....

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It looks like it says Double Down. I've heard of a Double Down Allstars, no idea where they are from though.
hahahahaha. I like how they were taunting her because she was scared to do it, and then they dropped her. I would've loved to see the reaction.
Double Down Athletics...? I didn't believe that this was actually a team until I just googled them! Sounded like one of those teams like tranny fierce allstars or something.

This vid is too funny.
Hahaha! The crazy thing about watching this for me is that my house is built the same way & my sister I always sit up there and talk about how we'd jump down to the couch if there was ever a fire lol. We dare each other to jump all the sad.

Looks like the girl thought it was funny to me